Sen Mendiola


My online journal filled with random musings on motherhood, life and my creative journey as an artist.

Handmade Papers

It is certainly no secret that I love working with handmade papers, to the point that it is becoming a part of my artistic identity. I started using them two years ago not only for calligraphy but also for sketching.

I love the texture, its tactile cotton feels that feels different on your hand, the natural deckle edges that can invoke an appeal of rustic or old world charm. Each piece is handcrafted, made by artisans and moulded into different sizes. I love the perfect imperfections, the variations that bring so much character to the medium.

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Baby Sign Language

Baby signing is very helpful and should be given a chance in every household. Start with the most relatable word(s) for your toddler, like MILK or BOOKS. Then add more as you go along. Involve the whole household because consistency is the key in teaching baby how to sign. It takes a village and you as a leader, needs to lead by doing.

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It is four in the morning, the whole house is quiet and I find it a perfect time to think of what I want to be this year.

What do I want to achieve by the end of this year, as a creative behind my daily portions of motherhood, professional career, marriage and family?

And I have a feeling that this year is the right time for me to focus on growth. A slow and steady one, purposely and intentionally.

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