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3 Things You Need To Know About Calligraphy Penholders

You know Harry Potter, right? Everyone does! Pureblood or muggles, their most important weapon is a wand, chosen carefully at the very beginning. Well, like wizards, calligraphers also have a sort of magic wand called penholders.

Penholders are the weapon of choice and should fit the writer’s hand perfectly to ensure not just comfort but proper execution of strokes. Having said that, let’s give it a more focus and highlight 3 essential things about this wonderful tool.

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Basic Calligraphy Kit

Nibs what? - Don’t fret my friend, I got you! But first, woohoo! It’s so exciting that you decided to dabble on this beautiful art called calligraphy. And I truly understand the overwhelming feeling of looking for tools and materials that you need to invest EXACTLY at this early stage. I will share with you the materials and products that I actually use and recommend, and where to buy them locally in the Philippines. I hope that this help you source the right tools you need to start your learning journey. Ready to dive in? Let’s go then!

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Calligraphy Series: Defining Calligraphy

For me, calligraphy means writing beautifully. It is a form of art and discipline. It has rules and foundations which you can master, then break creatively to give it a modern flare. 

Calligraphy comes in different forms or styles and can be executed with different tools or medium. But for this series, I am focusing on pointed pen calligraphy and I want it to be as simple as possible. Let’s start by highlighting two groups: traditional and modern calligraphy.

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