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A Look Into My Website's Analytics

Have you taken a look at your website’s analytics? Or are you completely ignoring them because they are just numbers and graphs?

Analytics is a report about the health of your website, as your portfolio, blog or both. Your analytics gives you a clear picture on what is exactly happening on your website - how many people are visiting, how visitors access your website and from where, which pages they clicking on, etc.

My website is hosted by Squarespace and I am using the internal or built-in Squarespace Analytics. The Squarespace Analytics platform gathers data by recording the visitor activity via JavaScript in the browser. Before you freak out and exit this blog, let me assure you that I do not have any means of knowing who you are at a very personal level, unless you are my client and you provided your personal information with consent (such as your full name, contact information, etc). You can read more about my privacy policy here.

Alright, moving on! I’m sharing with you the analytics report of my website from its first eight months and the information I gain from it. I hope that sharing this insight will give you a good starting point in understanding your own analytics reports.


Traffic Analytics

01 | Unique Visitors

This is an estimated total count of actual visitors of my website. From the time I launched by website last May 2018 up to the end of the year, there are 671 individuals who found my website!

The result also shows me that most of peak or influx happens each time I publish a blog posts. This is encouraging and makes me realise that having a blog can greatly help in marketing my portfolio and services I offer. Through my blog posts, people can discover my calligraphy and illustration projects.


02 | Visits

A visit is anytime a visitor reaches your website either from a link clicked from social media or different website, or by entering your website URL directly to their browser. In analytics, a visit means a single browsing session per visitor and encompass multiple page views. A 30-minute browsing session of a visitor is equivalent to one count.

For example, in the week of October 28 to November 3, I have 34 visits. This means that my website received a total of 34 browsing sessions - which tells me that a number of people is staying at my website for a good amount of time reading my blog posts, looking at my portfolio and services.


Device Type. The visits analytic report also tells me how my visitors view my website. Looking at the charts below, it tells me that most of my visitors use their mobile phone. With this information in mind, I need to ensure that my website is responsive and works well in mobile devices. I need to consider this in all design or layout changes I will be doing to my entire site. But since I’m using Squarespace platform, I don’t need to worry about mobile optimisation that much because they automatically optimise my website for mobile traffic!

Source. This tells me where my visitors are coming from. I got surprised that most of my visitors access my website directly, which means they go straight to my URL! It’s also good to know that I am receiving a lot of traffic from Facebook, which makes it a good candidate or platform where I can market my blog posts and/or services.

Browser and Operating System. If I want to go deeper in testing my website responsiveness, the data of browser and operating system are so helpful. Are my website’s features and layout works well in chrome and other browsers? Because the last thing you want is to have a disappointed visitors, right? If you want to have the best first impression, test your website across browsers in desktop and mobile devices.


03 | Pageviews

This is the number of times a full page of my website is viewed or refreshed. For the fist eight months, my website receives 1,749 views!


Each part of the Traffic Analytic is helpful but personally, I find the Visits report the most helpful. The data gives me a clear picture on the behaviour of my visitors and help me so much in maintaining my website and marketing decision.

Popular Content Analytics

This part of analytics shows me my top pages and blog posts. It also provides a summary showing the number of page views per pages and blog posts. Looking at my popular content is a great way to see what’s working well and gives me inspiration or clue which topic my reader find most helpful or interesting.

What the numbers are telling me then?

  1. My home page is the most popular, obviously since most of my social media is pointing to my home page

  2. My portfolio page is also taking the limelight which is great! Visitors take time and interest on my craft and work which hopefully can persuade them to hire me!

  3. Surprisingly, my top blog posts is on my motherhood category, where I share information about vaccines and their costs, based from our own experience.

The third item came as a surprise given that I wrote that blog posts and waited for almost a month before publishing. I hesitated to share it but I reminded myself of the reason why I wrote it. And the results below is a confirmation that I made the right choice - there are readers who need the same information I needed a couple of years back.

Will I continue creating content similar to that? Yes of course!


Geography Analytics

This report gives me an insight of where I have the most visitors, where I should focus my marketing effort (target market) and how my site’s reach is growing.


My intention is to tap the audience locally and the results assure me that my reach is on the right track. It’s also a good surprise that I’m reaching people in some parts of Asia, Europe and United States!

There are some more sections of analytics my web host has, but these are the ones that are applicable to how I use my website now.

I take the numbers simply as my guide in understanding my visitors behavior and how my site and reach are performing. All for ensuring that my site is user friendly in terms of design and navigation; and not as a measurement of my success and personal growth.

Having a great content that is relatable, honest and helpful is far more important for me. The analytics results are just secondary.