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I Hate Work Mom!

— what my four-year old always say the moment we tell her that me and her dad need to leave for work.

She doesn’t like work - not the idea of working per se but the idea of her parents leaving her at home. 

Sometimes, she would challenge by questioning "Why do you need to work so much?" The simplest answer or explanation that we can give is "We have to work hard so we can provide for your needs. So you can go to school, eat food, buy toys and books." Which then she will add, "And buy medicine for Wowa (grandma)." 

She clearly understands the reason but deep inside the most important thing for her is to spend more time with her parents - in her own words "to play longer with you and never stop playing!" - which we find demanding yet funny at the same time.

As parents, we are very hands-on, careful and always take time to explain why we do things. At a young age, we want her to understand what responsibility and hard work are. That although we can buy "expensive" toys at times, we work hard and save for it. In return, she takes care of her own things and would not ask for a replacement even though they are already worn out. When we go to a toy store, she is okay of just going around and simply trying some toys then leave empty handed. She won't throw a tantrum if we say no because the one that she wants is very expensive. 

One of the reasons why me and my husband are starting to consider working freelance is so we could have a more balanced work-life days. But there are lots of things to consider like stability (and a lot more but on a different topic aka blog post, teehee!). For now, we just hold on to and support fully the solution our child proudly exclaimed: "Ah I know! I will change our house and build an office here for you and Daddy, so you don't need to leave the house."

I can only hope that we are privilege enough to afford to stay at-home so we can spend more quality time with our child, most importantly in this developing stage. This goal might be far fetched, but what we are sure of is we are going to work hard together and give our best so that our child can have a better options in life.