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My Experience With Instagram Promote

Curious about Instagram Promote Feature? Well, we are on the same boat!

Part of my goal this year is to grow my reach and expose my work to a broader audience. Instagram has been a useful tool for me, as my first portfolio site and common ground on being discovered and reaching out to fellow creatives. I’ve been seeing promotions on my feed and actually became curious about it. Is it really effective? How much does it cost? Does it have the capability to actually target my ideal audience and clients?

As this is an experiment, I don’t want to invest too much money on it. I merely want to test the water and use the data for planning purposes (I sound geeky, eh?). And while still on early part of the year, with a budget I currently have and willing to shell out for promotion, I have taken the plunge and ticked it off from my to-do list.


How does it work?

I have a designated Instagram account for my creative work, and I have configured it to be a Business Account. Having done this, features like insight and promotion become available in my profile.

I chose a recent wedding vows calligraphy work to promote, and linked it to my Instagram profile. I then set my promotion to target Instagram users in the age group of 24 to 40 years old, living in the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. I also set the promotion to run for 3 days, with a budget of Php 400.00 per day.

After I have configured and submitted my promotion content, Instagram reviewed and checked if it is within their policy. After a couple of hours, Instagram approved the submission and the promotion begun.


And…The Results

I have received active engagements and inquiries throughout the three days of my promotion run - which is quite exciting for me because the visibility was suddenly tremendous and evident compared to what I am receiving prior the promotion.

After three days of paid promotion, the wedding vows photo reached 45,721 people, gained 592 likes, 11 comments and saved 88 times. I also won 127 new followers. But the most valuable for me was the number of inquiries I have received during the week, coming from Instagram and my website’s contact forms:

  • Calligraphy Workshop - 2

  • Wedding Vows Calligraphy Service - 3

  • Wedding Invitation Design - 5

  • Stationery / Notes Design for a company - 1

  • Spot Calligraphy - 1

Among the 12 leads, 1 of them ended up booking my service. Hooray! Yes, that’s a very sincere “yes”. Why? Because as of writing, I do not offer workshop, and wedding invitation design and production yet. I was honestly overwhelmed by the influx of inquiries, and it was nice to know that people are willing to learn from me and consider me an excellent fit to design their stationery and be part of their special day.

Some may say that I missed the opportunity by turning down workshop and design inquiries. Maybe. But I am just glad to know that there’s a market demand for those, and who knows, I might offer design service soon! For now, this promotion is intended for exposing my work and listening to the market.


Will I be using Instagram promote again for marketing my future work and services? Yes, of course! Personally, I find it a useful and helpful marketing tool, especially if it is configured correctly.

Instagram promote is also an affordable and convenient option. I significantly suggest that you set a particular target, narrow down your criteria, specifically the age group and location. In this way, you are directing your promotion algorithm to your intended market and will likely have a better outcome.


Have you tried Instagram promote? How’s your experience with the platform? What other marketing tools you have tried that helped you gain exposure and booked clients?