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You are such a strong woman, Mama

Only few knows that we have a love-hate relationship when I was younger. At some point, I tore your face from one of our cutest family picture & hated you like there's no tomorrow; and you on the other hand called me a black sheep and swear that you will never stay with me when you grow old. 😂

But as I grow older, I begin to understand you better. Where you're coming from, your love language, your expressions and frustrations. I started to appreciate and value more than ever and eventually come to a conclusion that everything was all because you love us dearly, your children. And that you are my best ally.

Also slowly realizing why we had that kind of relationship before: we have so much in common! Both strong headed / stubborn, we go for what we think is right and less relying on our feelings. Our love language is time but we also want and need our own space. It's like looking at our own reflections and we both can't take it! LOL!

I rarely see you cry. So imagine how I feel when you suddenly come to me in tears, a few days before my wedding, just to ask for forgiveness. There's no reason or need for you to do that. But you did. Only a humble and strong person can do that.

To date, you still spend your time taking care of me (yep, she stays with me 😜) and your apo while fighting your own battle. You're so dedicated and committed to restore your health. I know how much you hate medicines but still take them right on schedule. You also obey your no-meat diet - I know how much you love crispy pata! How can you do that?! Your selfless and witty answer:

"Eh pag di ako sumunod sa doktor kawawa naman si apo. Tsaka kayo ni Jeff at bunso. Mahal ng mga gamot noh ano ka? Tsaka di ba pasyal mo pa ko sa Singapore?"

Yung last line mother wait lang ha 😅 Kidding aside, I hope I could be even half of what you are as a Mom. But I am beyond thankful of you molding me to become a strong woman like you - preparing me enough to face life challenges.